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Hyper Runner Mini Racer


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Product Code: 040232689703

High-powered action in a tiny package: This mini stunt car performs superfast 360 degree driving in any bowl-shaped items! Multi-mode colorful light makes the running car glow! The box includes Mini racer, racing sphere, USB charger, Keychain and instruction manual. Light up the car and shine in the dark!

Mini spinning car, multiple game play: multiple play modes include making it rotate between the fingers, or using a pen to keep the attached Keychain in place to make the car races in circles! Follow the included introduction to play… and more creative ways wait for you to find out by yourself!

Keep it in your pocket: This little cute car is well-designed and easy to travel with. It is battery-free and rechargeable. Connect the included USB Charger to the car and any USB adapters… like your laptop! Trust me… you can't stop yourself taking the car out and play with it!

Race it to release stress: new fidget toy for kids and adults! Stress relief and anti-anxiety while plying with this adorable car at work/school break. Enjoy the fast speed and colorful light when you are tired or just pass the time.