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Hazel Village

Peaseblossom Unicorn


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As twilight fell on Midsummer’s Day, the animals smelled wet moss and spied a lovely glow, deep in the forest. They noticed a rustling in the undergrowth, as soft as a firefly’s twinkle. Then they saw: it was a unicorn! She said, "Greetings, animals! I am Peaseblossom. I am most delighted to make your acquaintance."

Peaseblossom is a most magical limited-edition friend, and is only visiting Hazel Village for a short time. She is made of soft ivory organic cotton fleece, with shimmering wool yarn for her mane and tail and shimmering linen for her horn. She is stuffed with soft polyfill, and you can hand wash her if she gets grimy during her unicorn duties. At 15” hoof to horn, she is the same size as the other Hazel Village dolls and animals, so they can all have magical/non-magical clothing exchanges.