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Roller Coaster Challenge


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Product Code: 019275010461

*In this thrilling engineering challenge, players get to build their very own roller coasters. Start by choosing a challenge card and setting up the pieces to match. Then, players use the remaining pieces to build a working roller coaster that meets the build conditions on their challenge card.

*Roller Coaster Challenge incorporates elements of a logic puzzle, while also allowing for the creativity that stems from free-form building. Once you have solved each challenge, you get to watch a real coaster car glide down the track, complete with dips, curves, and loops! rollercoaster

*Type: Construction Sets Junior Logic Games
*Skill: STEM and Creative Thinking Visual Perception and Reasoning
*Age: 6 and Up
*Players: 1 Player

*Game Grid
*39 Track Pieces
*36 Post Pieces
*2 Tunnels
*40 Challenges with Solutions