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Make N Break Game 8y+


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Build colorful structures together in a race against time!

*An exciting challenge for the whole family! Collaborate in ever-changing teams, but remember - only one player can win!

*This edition features more than 150 new blueprints, plus the all-new Action die with 5 clever game variants for an even more exciting play experience.

*Contents: 10 building blocks, 80 double-sided blueprint cards, 1 timer, 1 time die, 1 action die, 1 card tray

*Age: 8-99 years old!

*Game Play:

-The player whose turn it is places the ten building blocks in front of him and the stack of shuffled building cards face down to the side.

-He rolls the die and the player on his left sets the timer to the number rolled. To do this, the stop button is pressed and the dial turned to that number.

-When the builder says "start", the player with the timer presses the start button on the timer and the builder starts building.

-Points: If the picture shows colored blocks, the builder has to copy the construction with all colored blocks in the correct places.

-Incomplete cards are placed on the used stack together with the completed cards.

-After scoring, the building blocks, the stack of building cards, and the timer are all passed on to the next player.

-The game ends when every player has had four turns. The player with the most points is the best builder and wins the game.