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Rock, Paper, Switch


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Product Code: 192073563565

GAMES THAT TEACH: A chess-styled game that teaches players strategy and complex planning as they decide when to give up pawns in order to capture an opponent later.

EASY-TO-FOLLOW RULES: Move your rock, paper and scissors pawns to capture opponents’ pawns based on the rules of rock-paper-scissors! Pawn types move in specific directions like chess. The last player with one of each pawn left wins!

HIGH QUALITY: Made with MindWare's renowned quality and dedication to making toys that are fun, educational, and stimulating.

FAMILY FAVORITE: Playable for 2 to 4 players, Rock Paper Switch develops big picture thinking as players try to be the last player standing. Improvising may be necessary when switch tiles on the game board swap pawns in a single turn!

INCLUDES: 60 pawns, a gameboard and instructions. (For ages 8 and up)