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Great Pretenders

Peacock Dress w/Headband


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*Pretty Peacock Dress is destined to become one of the most favourite play time companions!
*The bodice is made with knit and spandex fabrics, making it soft, comfortable and stretchy. Combined with penne and spandex fabrics at the back, this dress is even more comfortable and size flexible!
*The holographic effect is a stunning achievement in this textile as it creates this vibrant colourful dress, shimmering with gorgeous hues of purples and blues.
*The top is embellished with fancy blue and gold trims and features a large shimmery gem framed with golden accents.

*The multicoloured skirt is made with layers of soft tulle and features six peacock feather petals with glitter printed iconic peacock details.
*The headband is wrapped in the same soft knit fabric and its adorned with a shimmery gem and glitter tulle accents.
*Recommended Age: 5-6 years old