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Pottery Wheel Clay Refill Kit


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Product Code: 889070197687

*Includes: 5 pounds of air dry clay and illustrated instructions.

*This is airdry clay, which means that you don't need to worry about children playing with or hurting themselves on the oven.

*5 Pounds. The more clay you have for your MindWare Pottery Wheel for Beginners, the more pots, mugs, sculptures, etc. you have around your home to use and admire.

*Create Something New: Not only does this refill kit allow you to continue to create ceramics, but it also comes with illustrated instructions for making coil and pinch pots.

*Continue the Creativity: MindWare wants the love for pottery and ceramics to keep going with this 5 pound clay refill for you Pottery Wheel for Beginners set. (Ages 7 and up)