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Fox2 Stroller


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Wherever the road takes you, Bugaboo Fox 2 has the best ride ever. With perfect handling in all terrains, nothing stops you enjoying everything parenthood has to offer.

Rigorously tested and perfected, the Bugaboo Fox 2 has been designed to make navigating corners, busy streets and tight spaces a breeze. It’s like power steering for your stroller.

•Easy to maneuver
The unique wheel design makes driving a breeze.

•Power steering
Makes it very easy to push and steer.

•Smooth ride
The large wheels and advanced suspension make for a smooth ride.

•Advanced suspension
The large wheels and advanced central-joint suspension (with additional rear-wheel suspension) create a smooth, steady ride for your child whether they are in the bassinet or the seat.

•Strong yet light
Bugaboo Fox 2 is strong enough to last, and light enough to go everywhere. Despite its ultra lightweight composition at only 9.9 kg/21.8 lbs the Bugaboo Fox 2 can still hold a growing child of up to 22 kg/48.5 lbs or 48 months.

•Lightest push
Drives and steers with one-hand and the lightest of touches.

•Bugaboo has perfected the balance between lightness and strength. It’s ready to take on the most challenging environments, while still being easy to fold and carry upstairs or lift in and out of a car.