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Fox2 Mineral Special Edition

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Where Dutch originals meet

When Bugaboo and the Van Gogh Museum decided to collaborate on a stroller it quickly became apparent that the Almond Blossom, which represents new life and new beginnings, is the perfect fit for the Bugaboo Bee³: the urban stroller for parents who live life on the fly. The bold, dramatic brush strokes and colours that give van Gogh's work a sense of movement are a perfect fit for Bugaboo. Bugaboo has used the Almond Blossom as the muse for the Bugaboo Bee³ + Van Gogh collection: a fully equipped stroller whose components and accessories are the mobile embodiment of the Almond Blossom painting.

Bugaboo + van Gogh Breezy Sun Canopy
Already have a Bugaboo Bee, or simply want to add an accessory for warmer days?

The multi-functional Bugaboo Bee Breezy Sun Canopy provides sun protection and extra ventilation on sunny days. The highly durable fabric is water- & oil- repellent and provides UPF 50+ (excl. integrated mesh panels) while fine mesh lets cool breezes through. A zip-up window allows extra ventilation and easy access to your child. Position the canopy to ensure your child is protected throughout the day. Need extra shade? Our integrated pop-out sunshade has you cove red.

This year, Bugaboo celebrates its 15th anniversary, and almost two decades after our breakthrough stroller design first hit the streets, we continue to alter the way parents move through their world. In turn the Van Gogh Museum is celebrating 125 years of Van Gogh heritage. Bringing these two Dutch originals together makes perfect sense, and what better way to celebrate these milestones, than with a collaboration? For the Bugaboo + Van Gogh collection we chose Van Gogh’s ‘Almond Blossom’ as a starting point and muse. Created in 1890 as a gift to his new-born nephew Vincent Willem, the painting is a symbol of new life and new beginnings.