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Organic Cow Milk Toddler Drink


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Cow Milk Toddler Drink -Stage 3 - 1 Year +

* The milk used in Holle Cow Milk Toddler Drink comes from cows raised on biodynamic farms in caring and appropriate environments.

* All farms strictly adhere to EU regulations and products sold in America are FDA registered.

* Grazing cows on lush biodynamic fields and pastures is one reason for the superior quality of the milk used in Holle premium baby food.

* GMO-free with no corn syrup, artificial preservatives, flavors, colors, or other unnatural ingredients.

* Soy-free and gluten-free.

* Perfect for 12 months of age to the end of the third year as part of a mixed diet of bottle feeds and weaning.

Age: 12 Months +