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Big Green Garage


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Product Code: 9781452170749

Car trouble? Little hands get to work and play in the Big Green Garage by pushing and pulling 15 satisfying novelty elements!

Lift flaps, pull tabs, and turn wheels to fix vehicles in the Big Green Garage!

With ten spreads of durable levers and gears, readers will tow a car, check the tires, fix the muffler, and more, side by side with the talented mechanics of the Big Green Garage. In the Big Green Garage, even cars have fun! With rollicking, rhyming text and 15 push-and-pull tabs throughout, young readers will delight in this satisfying and interactive read-aloud.

A FRESH, STEM-THEMED TAKE: The novelty elements invite hands-on engagement, while the detail in both the text and the illustrations introduces young readers to car repair—from common issues to basic tools!

VEHICLE-OBSESSED: This is perfect for the vehicle-obsessed, and especially for fans of interactive books like The Ultimate Book of Vehicles!

READ ALOUD: With rollicking, rhyming text, young readers will delight in this satisfying and interactive read-aloud.

GREAT VALUE: This large, cased board book has 15 push-and-pull tabs—including the garage door on the front cover! Lift the garage door to see the vehicle inside!

EDUCATIONAL VALUE: With each push and pull of the tabs, readers will develop fine motor skills, learn about vehicles, and practice helping and fixing!

Perfect for:

• Parents and grandparents looking for fun and educational gifts
• Young readers (and their adults) who love cars and trucks
• Fans of The Ultimate Book of Vehicles
• Young readers (and their adults) who love novelty books or excellent rhyme
• Anyone looking for books for young readers with STEM themes

Ages: 2 to 4 Years

Dimensions: 9.8 in H x 7.6 in W