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Potty Chair White


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Product Code: 874594000346

Baby Bjorn's Potty Chair is a well-designed potty with soft contours, a high backrest and comfy armrests. Your child can just sit back, relax and take all the time they need. The potty chair stays firmly in place on the floor, even when your child moves around! The inner potty is easy for you to take out, empty, and rinse or wipe clean. The potty chair is designed in Sweden and made in the USA and is available in several lovely colors that coordinate with our other products.

Comfortable potty chair with backrest and armrests
•The potty chair has a high backrest and armrests that make it comfortable for your child to sit back and relax. The height of the potty chair means that it’s easy for your child to sit down and stand up unaided.

Sturdy design with rubber strip underneath
•The sturdy design of the potty chair prevents it from tipping over. Thanks to the rubber strip underneath, the potty chair stays firmly in place on the floor, even when your child moves around.

Splashguard prevents spills
•The potty chair has a high splashguard that ensures there are no spills.

Easy to empty and clean
•The potty chair has smooth surfaces, with no corners or grooves where dirt can collect. It’s easy to clean: simply use the clever handle at the front to lift out the inner potty, empty it, and wipe or rinse under running water.

Child-friendly materials
•The potty chair is made of durable, PVC-free and BPA-free plastic that’s kind to your child’s skin.

Smart design with soft contours
•The wide edge of the inner potty is softly rounded to ensure it won’t pinch your child’s skin.

Practical handle
•The handle on the back of the potty chair makes it easy for you to move around your home.

Designed and made in Sweden
•Baby Bjorn's potty chair is designed and made in Sweden. It comes in several lovely colors that appeal to both young children and parents.